• Gym Class Joke – Burly Calling 2013

    Alright, another Burly Calling post.  We’re getting to the end of the list.  Here’s one of my good friends Brad Sumak playing in a band with a bunch of other cool dudes that hadn’t played together in a bunch of years.  It was a lot of fun.  

  • The Fundamentals – Burly Calling 2013

    Here we have the set for The Fundamentals from Burly Calling this year.  In what will sound like a broken-record post, lots of energy (are you catching the idea yet, Burly Calling is a great time with all manner of crazy things happening that are pretty much guaranteed to see you enjoy yourself), great set, …

  • Shift-D – Burly Calling 2013

    Next set we have here is from Shift-D.  Good show, lots of fun and Andrew’s new musical focus.  It’s always nice when you can catch someone’s last show with a particular band and then catch them with their new (or sole focus, etc.) band a couple of days later.  

  • The Lucky Ones – Burly Calling 2013

    Last day of Burly Calling 2013 and the first band up was The Lucky Ones (hope I got that right!).  I’m running out of clever witty things to write about each act, so let me just say they put on a good show and it was much enjoyed