Bourbon DK – Burly Calling 2013


Where to start with this set.  Oh right, the fact it was at The Dickens.  Don’t get me wrong, great staff, fun place, but not even close to photographer friendly lighting (sigh).  Which is a shame, because these guys had some great support in the crowd and put on a hell of an energy packed show.  It’s always fun to shoot a show where you’re getting jostled (okay shoved) all over the place (and I mean that literally, not sarcastically).  Definitely a group I’ll be making a point of checking out again in the near future (whenever the opportunity presents itself).



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  1. Jeff Cooper says:

    BourbonDK will be playing Club Absinthe in Hamilton this Sunday, January 19th. Hope to catch you there!!

  2. Steve P says:

    Thanks Jeff. I’ll certainly try to make it out. What’s the set time (and cover) for anyone else reading this?

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