Flowers from the winter

Here’s one from this winter’s archives.  A result of winter boredom I decided to shoot some flowers on some white seamless.  This winter never seemed to end and I had to do something, so here is some of that something!  


Been a while

After a long winter hibernation decided to go for a bit of a walk this morning.  So it was wake up prior to the crack of dawn, and head out to one of the local scenic spots.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t really cooperate as you’ll see from the images.  A couple decent shots, but none …


Gym Class Joke – Burly Calling 2013

Alright, another Burly Calling post.  We’re getting to the end of the list.  Here’s one of my good friends Brad Sumak playing in a band with a bunch of other cool dudes that hadn’t played together in a bunch of years.  It was a lot of fun.  


The Fundamentals – Burly Calling 2013

Here we have the set for The Fundamentals from Burly Calling this year.  In what will sound like a broken-record post, lots of energy (are you catching the idea yet, Burly Calling is a great time with all manner of crazy things happening that are pretty much guaranteed to see you enjoy yourself), great set, …


Shift-D – Burly Calling 2013

Next set we have here is from Shift-D.  Good show, lots of fun and Andrew’s new musical focus.  It’s always nice when you can catch someone’s last show with a particular band and then catch them with their new (or sole focus, etc.) band a couple of days later.  


The Matadors – Burly Calling 2013

Now this will be a fun one to try and write about.  I really enjoyed this set, but then I’m partial to anyone that will have the balls to pull out Hendrix covers and not make a horrible mess of them.  The problem was two fold, one, again, lack of light (from a photographers perspective) …


Bourbon DK – Burly Calling 2013

Where to start with this set.  Oh right, the fact it was at The Dickens.  Don’t get me wrong, great staff, fun place, but not even close to photographer friendly lighting (sigh).  Which is a shame, because these guys had some great support in the crowd and put on a hell of an energy packed …


The Dirty Nil – Burly Calling 2013

Here’s the Burly Calling set for The Dirty Nil, the last set from the night of the Saint Alvia farewell show (the other bands not here are on the Facebook page: ).  This was an interesting show, there was an amp malfunction, a blown out string on the bass (as you’ll see in the …